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The Birth of Blackened Crust

ISKRA claimed the phrase 'blackened crust' to describe their bastardized musical style, a term coined by BLACK KRONSTADT in the 1990's. It is interesting to note that the musical affinities of punk and metal have been there from the beginning; many metal labels began in the DIY hardcore/punk scene (Peaceville, Earache, Nuclear Blast, even monolithic Plastic Head Distribution, which began with the release of Antisect's EP). Perhaps it was the juxtaposition of two musical identities, of breaching into these self­isolated 'scenes,' which seem to have become more diametrically opposed over time that caused the thorn in everyone's side.

Although the band no longer describes their music as 'blackened crust', preferring now to use the phrase “anarchist metal,” this moniker continues to be attached to everything that the band does. Interviewers, reviewers, promoters etc. who are still describing ISKRA as a 'blackened crust' band are clearly not listening to the more recent music, since crust punk riffs are now far and few between, or even non­existent. In fact, when one gives a good listen to the material right from the beginning, the only record with clear punk riffs is the “Terrorist Act EP.” But that is of course open to subjective interpretation.

Socio­Anti­Political Intentions

The band's main goal at this time was to bring Anarchist ideas, or at least alternative thinking, into the so ­called “extreme” Metal sound while continuing to operate completely outside of the corporate music world. They insisted that mainstream music, Metal or otherwise, supports a Capitalist system; Capitalism being a very specific, and wide­spread, mode of market exchange complete with its own colonial philosophies and self promoting politics. The feeling was that muchof what was, and is, being lauded as “extreme” and “radical” is in fact conformist, boring, and limited. ISKRA desires to resist 'business as usual' as regards North American culture/politics and to work toward creating alternatives that can transform the current culture into something else. Or at least to pay no regard whatsoever to the self serving law systems. For the band, the loose, open, practises of Anarchism seemed appropriate as a starting point for new ideas, but they also make mention of Nihilism as well; Nihilism, being a misunderstood practise that continues to be relevant on a number of levels. Anarchism and Nihilism share many common ideas, the major difference being that the former generally, works toward a fixed goals, whereas the latter is only interested in the practise of transformation with no specific goal in mind, to put it simply.

Other intentions were to uphold experimental modes of living, support Anarchist communities, resist all mainstream ideologies such as Communism, Fascism, and Democracy, understanding that such systems are nothing more than an interlocked international business community who's over-riding project is to control resources for their own particular class benefit. The starting point, from the band's point of view, was to attack all such systems, and fixed modes, in order to promote new possibilities, whatever they may be, and to expose the oppressive behaviour patterns inherent in current structures.

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