ISKRA officially began in November of 2002. The vision of the band: to mix DIY crust punk music, and politics, with European, and Scandinavian metal. ISKRA is one of the few bands to do so and thus coined their own genre BLACKENED CRUST, meaning a mix of English style crust and Scandinavian black metal.

More recently the band has re-defined their music as simply ANARCHIST METAL, another genre created by the band in order to transform general impressions found in, and what is commonly referred to as, "extreme" music. Although the founding of such genres seems antithetical to the band's anarchist stance, one must keep in mind that they wish to separate themselves from mainstream and status quo descriptions, as well as expand ideas regarding music.

Although lyrics are varied, the band has always more-or-less adhered to an anarchist point of view. Anarchism here meaning a total criticism of power, the control of power and knowledge, the possibility of transformation from present states to one of a decentralized existence, the destruction of government as we know it, complete dismantling of capitalism, suspicion of fixed systems in general.

The band is quick to point out that they are not aligned with any one stream of anarchist thought, preferring an open interpretation, collectively speaking. Anyone interested in the varied forms of anarchism are invited to explore the links provided on this site. Again, it is important to note, and imperative to understand, that anarchism is not one idea but a varied complex dependent upon local conditions and interests. Thus a definition of anarchism is not possible, it remains as a practise against authoritarian structures.

Over the past twelve years has ISKRA has released numerous recordings, and have performed hundreds of concerts and festivals in over forty countries.

Self Titled Re-Issue
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Selected Works
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